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25 / February / 2016


Designation of Origin (O.D.) Carignan has a local variety called Mazuela Carignan or that due to its high sensitivity to the plague of mildew, it has been relegated. However, it is a variety with high demand, given the particular characteristics that gives the wine for the preparation of coupage: less oxidation due to its high ranking (13.5 °), intense color and acidity very high (7.2 g / l ). Also, the market demand increasingly varietal wines and, therefore, the grape variety has become a strategic business tool for the wine industry, which attempts to keep all varietals features to give personality to each wine.

Given the need to increase the cultivation of the variety or Mazuela Carignan, the Food Cluster Aragonés has launched a project which aims to select clones of this variety adapted to the growing conditions of the O.D. Carignan, from surveys of indigenous material, that can produce high quality wines enological and tolerant to powdery mildew.
This project is the first clonal selection made in Spain of the variety Carignan together using genomic tools and traditional clonal selection field, a valid alternative to genetic engineering and the development of new hybrid varieties. While the first strategy generates transgenic varieties very challenged by the industry and which are not accepted by wineries, O.D. or consumers, the use of hybridization in the genetic improvement of elite varieties not returning to the variety of origin, making it difficult to incorporate the real field of agriculture, since they are not authorized by the control bodies varieties.

The project will be carried out by the Great Wines winery, the nursery Vitis Navarra and the Institute of Sciences of the Vine and Wine (CSIC, University of La Rioja, Government of La Rioja). With a budget of 536,532 € and a duration three years, you will receive funding of € 394,093 from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The work that the Aragonese Cluster Food made with its affiliated companies, promoting cooperation between companies of different sizes and located at different stages of the value chain is allowing the implementation of such innovation projects, strategic for the sector and access to funding to carry them out

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